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“There is some literature on ‘personal medical alert systems.’ Studies we conducted show that not only do subscribers to such services have fewer hospital admissions and shorter stays after they subscribe than they did before, but the elapsed time from the subscriber-initiated alert to the time help arrives is well under one hour.”

Source: New England Journal of Medicine

“What about those small, portable electronic-alert devices? The device must be kept in reach and the patient must remain alert and functional enough to use it. But this simple device can probably help, and physicians should be recommending it.”

Source: New England Journal of Medicine

“About 31% (10.5 million) of non-institutionalized older persons live alone, 7.9 million women, 2.6 million men”.

Source: U.S. Administration on Aging

“Half of older women age 75+ live alone.”

Source: U.S. Administration on Aging

“By the year 2030, the older population will more than double to 71.5 million.”

Source: U.S. Administration on Aging

“Thirty per cent of people over the age of 65 years who live in the community fall each year; this proportion increases to 50 percent by the age of 80 years.”

Source: New England Journal of Medicine

“Falling has been found in previous studies to be associated with subsequent admission to a nursing home.”

Source: New England Journal of Medicine

“Elderly people who live alone may fear being unable to obtain help if they are injured or ill. For many families this can dominate decisions about living arrangements.”

Source: New England Journal of Medicine

What advice would you give to prevent falls?

One important piece of advice is: stay healthy. Walk around and keep the lower extremities strong. An active lifestyle is very important. And be aware of your surroundings. That's tougher for older individuals, because their senses and awareness of their surroundings is not as keen as younger individuals. But it's also very important that people not be overly afraid of falling. Fear should not prevent you from going outside and exercising and doing your activities. Just take some considerations of your surroundings and eliminate all of the hazards associated with fall accidents.

Source: Dr. Thurman Lockhart, Virginia Polytech Institute , Denver Post, Jan 15, 2003


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It is the mission of Gold Eagle Systems to assist every customer to lead as active and indepentent a lifestyle as possible. We will do this through the application of modern tools of technology, compassionate customer service and fair & honest business practices.

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