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What happens when the medical alarm button on the pendant or wristband is pressed?

When the button is pressed, a wireless signal is sent to the base console unit which is connected to your home telephone line. The console automatically places a call to Gold Eagle’s 24-hour monitoring center, and within seconds a trained personal emergency response operator will speak to you through the console which acts as a speaker phone. You will let the operator know what type of help you need, and the appropriate people will be contacted.


Who gets notified in the event of an emergency?

When your Senior Safety Service is installed, you will provide your Gold Eagle representative with a list of people to be contacted in case of emergency. The list typically includes the names and phone numbers of nearby neighbors, friends, and/or family members. If the situation is serious, or if you don’t respond to the operator’s questions, paramedics will be dispatched immediately.


How close to the console do I need to be in order to be heard?

The Gold Eagle senior safety console is very sensitive and your voice can be heard through the console speaker phone virtually anywhere throughout an average sized home. If, however, you are out of range of the speaker and the operator cannot hear your voice, she will assume there is a medical emergency and paramedics will be dispatched to your home.


Does the Gold Eagle medical alert system work outside the home?

Yes. With our newest “Belle” service the device will travel with you and provide emergency alert protection using AT&T 3G cellular technology.


Who responds to my call for help?

A friendly personal emergency response operator at Gold Eagle’s 24-hour monitoring center will speak with you through the console, which acts as a 2-way speakerphone.


What happens if I cannot talk or respond after I press my help button?

The Gold Eagle emergency response service is like installing your own personal communications lifeline.  This reliable communications lifeline will connect you to immediate medical assistance.  If you are not able to respond to the operator they will assume it is a medical emergency and immediately dispatch emergency rescue personnel to your house. Once emergency assistance is dispatched and on the way, the operator will attempt to contact someone on your emergency call list to let them know that the system has been activated and help is on the way. 


How will emergency personnel get into my home?

If the Gold Eagle operator dispatches paramedics to your home, they will also immediately call any friends/neighbors/family members on your contact list to whom you have previously given a key. If that person lives close by, they will meet rescue personnel at your house and open the door. When your Medical Alert Device system is installed, your Gold Eagle representative will also talk with you about other options, such as hiding a key outside or having a combination lock-box placed on your door to assist emergency rescue personnel in gaining entry without breaking doors or windows.


What happens if my electricity goes out?

The Gold Eagle system has a battery back-up which will operate the unit for up to 24 hours after an electrical outage. When power is restored the battery recharges, so it is ready for any additional power outage.


Do I need a special phone jack in order to have a Gold Eagle system installed?

No special type of jack or special wiring is typically required in order for the Gold Eagle system to work. It will utilize your existing modular phone jack and will not affect your phone or any other item plugged into the jack.


Can I take the Gold Eagle personal alarm system with me if I move?

Yes. Simply give us 24 hours prior written notice so that we can update your file with the new address and telephone number.


Is the emergency monitoring center available 24/7?

 Yes. The Gold Eagle monitoring center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.


Can I wear the Medical Alert Device in the shower or bath?

Yes. The pendant device is water resistant and designed to be used in the shower. It should not be submerged below the water in a bath or swimming pool.


How long do the medical alert button batteries last?

The long-life lithium-ion batteries will normally last 3-4 years.


What happens if I accidentally press the help button on my medical alarm device?

If you press the alert button by accident, it is not a problem. When you hear the operator’s voice, simply tell them that there is no emergency and that you accidentally pressed the alert button. They will then hang up and no further action will be taken. They are on call 24 hours a day, and are happy to assist you.


I live in a remote rural area; can I still be covered? 

Yes. You simply need to have either landline telephone service or reliable cellular technology available at your location.


Can I update and change information after I set up the alert system?

Of course! Just give your Gold Eagle representative a call to let them know what information you wish to change or update. Unlimited changes and updates are included at no extra cost.


How much does the Gold Eagle Medical Alert System cost?

The Gold Eagle Medical Alert System System can be installed for as low as $29.95 per month (about .99 per day) plus a one-time set-up and activation fee of $35. You will be invoiced quarterly (every 3 months) in advance.


Must I sign a long term agreement?

No. Gold Eagle Systems has a simple three month agreement which you can cancel anytime (without penalty or cancellation fees) with just 30 days notice.


Is my Gold Eagle Medical Alert System covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance?

Possibly, depending on whether your doctor feels there is a medical need for the system. Please contact your insurance carrier to confirm if they can provide benefits or coverage for this type of service.


What are my payment options after the initial charge?

You can pay every quarter by check or credit card, or Gold Eagle systems can set up an automatic debit from your checking or savings account—whichever you prefer.


How long will it take to receive my Gold Eagle Medical Alert System?

We will set up and install your system within 1-2 business days after receipt of your order.


I would like to order a Medical Alert System for my parents, but have the charges billed to me - Is this possible?

Yes. Senior security for our clients and peace of mind for their families is our goal. Simply give us your billing instructions and we send quarterly notification to you instead of to the person using the alarm.


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